The Douglas Hammer is Back!

We are currently producing limited quantities of the high-quality Douglas hammers you love.

We have a non-profit partner, Maker Inc., and are working on some great projects to make a difference. Check them out at

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will you have more hammers?

Currently we are releasing small batches of hammers as we have them ready. We are working hard to get to a point where we can consistently have stock.

The last batch of 10 hammers were sold Sept. 9th and we are trying to get about 10 on the site at least once a week so check back often.

Will you have finish hammers available?

Todd has been working on a new model of a finish hammer. It has been designed and we are working on the next steps of tooling and production.

We definitely send out an email when it is available!

Is there any way to get new handles?

We are working on getting to a point where we will have handle kits available for sale on the website. The plan is to start making them available in October 2018.

We will send an email to the list once they are available.

My handle is unfinished, what should I do to protect it?

We have PDF instructions for applying a wax finish to your uncoated Douglas hammer handle.

I am outside of the U.S., how can I get a hammer?

When we have stock we are currently shipping to the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K. If you are outside of those countries we are making efforts to fulfill orders on a one-off basis. 

As we continue to grow the business we are looking at options to ship to more areas.